Our soil is dying 🌿💔

When Cathy Zimmermann was contacted by Sadhgurus team and invited as a VIP guest to meet him, talk to him personally and take photos with the "mystic yogi", she couldn't believe it!

Cathy has been following him for years on social media, sharing his videos. His Isha Kriya meditation has literally changed her life. You could say she's a fan.

Unfortunately Cathy did not make it from Bali to Vienna where Sadhguru spoke a few days ago about his global movement SAVE SOIL 💚

Here are some facts

❌ 50% of topsoil on our planet has been lost in the last 150 years

❌ The degradation of the soil means a loss of the nutrients it contains Please listen to the example in Cathys video

❌ In just 20 years (!!), we could expect a 30% decline in food production

We NEED a healthy soil to survive. It is a generational issue. Plants, animals and humans depend on it!!!

Sadhguru is on the road from London to India on his motorcycle, talking to governments, politicians, citizens, influencers and many more to spread the word about his SAVE SOIL mission. Let's make it happen with him!

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