Become a storyteller!


The FEAR OF SPEAKING is one of the most widespread fears in the world. So you're not alone if public speaking makes you uncomfortable, whether online or offline on the big stage, in front of colleagues, in front of your boss or in video recordings. Let's have a look at common issues that could sound familiar!

  • The "sex" is missing in your content, the presentation is boring.
  • You have the feeling that you don't come across as competent when presenting, even though you know exactly what you are talking about.
  • You prepare a presentation, a speech, an interview but you have no idea where to begin
  • You want to add more emotion & personality, but have a hard time figuring out what is "too much" and what is not
  • You want to learn to speak more freely in order to appear natural
  • You want to exude more confidence through body language, facial expressions and voice
  • You want to work through the experience of a failed performance in order to feel good and confident again for future presentations

Is there something triggering you?

In the end, the whole thing is quite simple: Presenting - no matter if it is a complex business presentation or a glamorous gala award - is nothing else than telling a story. The simpler the story, the more likely you connect with your counterpart. Then you will be remembered and your audience will take something with them. Then presenting starts to be fun, then you inspire people!


We meet in a safe digital space via Zoom for a maximum of 1.5 hours at a time and work on your upcoming presentation or a fictional one so that you get to know the methods that work for you. 

This can mean creating texts together, a storyline for your presentation, doing specific exercises to loosen you up, improving your body language and practicing together. We do repetitions and train your performance over and over again, so that nothing can happen to you on "day X". This is what professionals do to become “loosey-goosey”, confident and authentic. 

I accompany most of my clients over several weeks so that methods you have learned manifest and you feel the difference before and after. Creativity also needs space and time to unfold.

In my trainings I hold lightness and joy very high, I strengthen your strengths, and tell you honestly and directly what you'd rather stay away from. The sense behind it: You become more confident and courageous with time. You are never alone and have me as a back-up at any time.  

What my clients say

„In just one session I already became much more confident speaking in front of the camera.“