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Salam dari Bali

& greetings from Bali!

Hi, I’m Cathy.

I am a public speaking & presentation trainer, an authentic communicator with the mission to break old patterns that prevent people from speaking freely. 

I’ve trained and coached hundreds of great people - Lawyers, Doctors, Priests (yes, really), Speakers, Creatives of all kind, IT Experts and many more - over the last years in 1:1 sessions, group sessions and online courses in order to enhance their confidence level while presenting in front of others. They claim that my work has transformed their professional (and sometimes private) lifes in regards to feeling powerful, safe and prepared when publicly speaking.


Cathy Zimmermann

Success stories of my clients

„In just one session I already became much more confident speaking in front of the camera.“

In our 1:1 coaching sessions we worked together on YaoYao’s presentation skills in front of the camera. Within the 1:1 coaching we detected the underlying issue why she overused body movements. In that way we could detect her insecurities and address them. With the right adjustments she became much more confident. Only within in one session she feel actually confident speaking in front of the camera.